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Well my cute as button daughter started soccer this Fall. I signed her up as a way for her to start learning about teamwork. I have now decided I should have signed her up for anger management instead.

Her first game went well considering she is only three. She stayed on the field for most of the game and didn’t lay down in the middle of the field until the last five minutes. The second game she stayed a little longer and showed what growing up with an older brother teaches you. One of the boys on the opposing team thought she would be an easy mark and tried to plow her down while kicking the ball. She stood her ground and he, in shock, fell on his rump. This of course made her Dad and I very proud. However this should have been a warning.

Our third game this morning started much the same as the previous two. At about halftime, there seemed to be an altercation between her and a little boy on the other side. Some trash talk was exchanged and she gave chase. Unaware of the tiff, we thought it was cute since they were both laughing.  However she failed to catch him and proceeded to walk calmly over to a  little girl on the team and push her down.  As we sat in shock and bewilderment one of our coaches went over, took her by the hand and explained that we don’t push the other players.  Well this embarrassed our little darling and she immediately broke into hysterics, ran off the field and hid her head under daddy’s shirt. 


It took us about ten minutes and many a  “calm down” to learn that her reason was she “just wanted to”. It took  another five minutes for her to apologize to the little girl, who by that time had completely forgot it ever happened.   She was still to embarrassed to continue playing, so we made a deal that it she went back out  and kicked the ball one time in the five minutes remaining she could still have playground time.  Finding this acceptable she went back out and when the ball came to her, kicked it, then turned around and walked back to daddy stating “I kicked it”.


So, we learned today that if our daughter continues in team sports, we may be seeing a lot of penalties thrown her way and when negotiating we may need a mediator.


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