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My son has once again been grounded. This of course is nothing new, the boy will never be able to play poker without losing his a@# every time.  He cannot even attempt a lie without showing a tell. 

The major reason for punishment  this, time?  Climbing over the second floor loft’s half wall and scaling down the side to the first floor.  Now, he has been caught performing this particular stunt before (age 5) and we thought it had sunk in that this may not be beneficial to his physical health.  We were wrong. 

I am now wondering if he is in training for a future career as the next “Human Fly”.  This incident brings the count to five death-defying acts of  climbing the walls.  His first was at the ripe old age of four, when I caught him six logs up the outside of our log home.  Next, later the same year, after he watched a kid climbing a rock wall on TV.  Our two-story shell rock fireplace seemed perfect in his opinion. 

At least I don’t have to worry about our three year daughter following in his footsteps.  She still refuses to go down the slide any other way but feet first on her belly.  No, with her, I worry that she might perfect her powers of male manipulation before I can warn the world.


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You know what you never see?  Baby squirrels.  I know their out there but you never see them running after their parents on a tree branch.  Personally, I hate the rat bastards and I know the feeling is mutual due to their continued assault on my person.  I know you’re thinking  I’m nuts, and normally I’m the first to confirm that your correct, but my husband has even witnessed those tree rats dropping stuff on my head while I’m weeding flower beds.


This random thought about squirrel babies popped into head after listening to a report that scientists now have the ability to know if your baby will have any genetic mutations pretty much after conception so you can make the choice to abort.  Why the squirrels?  I don’t know.  I even scare myself at times with the thoughts that just come out of nowhere.  All I do know is, that you shouldn’t mess with nature, she is the original bitch.  Who’s to say we don’t need to gain or lose a few things in our make-up in order to adapt.  They already know that for some reason American’s heads have been growing larger than our European counterparts over the last few decades.  Maybe we are destined to become living bobble heads.

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