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So. my son has wanted to go camping for years asking  his Dad over and over again.  My husband  in his childhood years did the hunting and fishing thing every weekend but as he turned older he developed what I refer to as his “Princess and the Pea” syndrome.  Due to this, we will not be going the traditional route of tent and bag.  No, we now have a RV that has all the comforts of home.  Fortunately my son thinks this is wonderful so he doesn’t see the loss of bug bites, sweat covered nights with a rock in your back and we cannot forget the trip to the bushes.   However I can’t begrudge the hubby on his half-a@# effort to “camp”, I too, have my moments. 


The RV experience has occupied our weekends lately and going to different camping stores to make the trip more comfortable for the hubby has opened my eyes to my own half-a@# hobby of surviving the zombies.  Now, I’m not one of those fanatics that have the shelter and enough food and water to survive underground for 10 years.  If you happen to be one of those I’m sure you’ll be laughing at all of our decaying corpses, so no offense.  I do look at things like growing your own food, living off the land, basic stuff like that and now thanks to camping stores, cooking with only a stick and foil.  I mean Holy Cow have you seen what all you can cook by just using foil over a campfire?  It’s amazing.  I’m embarrassed to say that I bought the cookbook and you may laugh but I’m secure in knowing that I can whip up a fancy chicken dinner using my handy-dandy foil and remember when dinner is done it doubles as headgear so the aliens don’t fry your brains.


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I just finished reading two articles that frankly disturb me.  The first was regarding the 5000 year old ice man found between Austria and Italy some years ago.  This poor guy’s body has been studied and dissected numerous times over the years.  I understand all the knowledge his scientists have learned is beneficial blah, blah, blah.  But honestly do you think that poor guy would like knowing that people in the future would find out he ate deer meat and bread for his last meal and died of an arrow wound to the shoulder.  Maybe he shot himself by accident or he and his buddies were playing arrow roulette and he didn’t run fast enough.  Imagine if you died of being a dumba@# and not only do you know but now the whole world does too.  I only hope if I die stupid, I’ll be the only one who knows, EVER.

The second article that makes me cringe is the scientific discovery that all blue-eyed people may be related.  EEGADS!!  My husband has blue-eyes and I as well until my late teens.  I know, weird, but my eyes changed from a gray-blue to a gray-green.  I like to think now it was in preparation for this discovery so I wouldn’t creep myself out thinking about being married to a distant cousin.  I might have to listen to bad jokes about the South and inbreeding but I sure as hell don’t want to learn they might be true.  

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